While in the old days...

...different generations of a community gathered around a campfire to listen to the elders - or met in the kitchen around the cooking pot to share about their life - in our digitalized world such type of exchange has become increasingly rare.

How to get the most life out of life?

Life is full of opportunities. Life offers many choices. Every day it is you who has to make decision. Therefore, my hope is that you will find some good inspirations for your journey. I believe that you are the person who knows what is helpful for you. Who other than yourself can know what is good for you?

"Life is complex. Each one of us must make his own path through life. There are no self-help manuals, no formulas, no easy answers. The right road for one is the wrong road for another. The journey of life is not paved in blacktop; it is not brightly lit, and it has no road signs. It is a rocky path through the wilderness." - M. Scott Peck


My name is Martin, I like stories

based on real life experiences as well as meaningful parables. By visiting different countries I could see how cultures cover their wisdom in stories, told by grandparents to their grandchildren, who then share it among their friends. While usually passed on from one generation to the next, here is your chance to take part in the exchange. Be inspired & inspire!



"Do not despise the story" a wise person once told the audience, "a lost gold coin is found
by means of a penny candle; the deepest truth can be found by means of a simple story."

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