»I gave my best, I studied hard, I spent hours of exercising and reviewing every day. Yes, I took it serious. I was focussed and I know how hardworking I was. Because of that, I got good results...«

The woman with scars on her hands

There was a successful graduate who was applying for a job. When he got to the companies manager, the manager was asking him: “Why did you get such good grades?”
He explained: “I’m from a very poor background. My mum kept telling me if I would just succeed in education I would have the chance to get a good job und by doing that, I could get out of the poor living standard I’m used to have. So I was really giving my best, was studying hard, spent hours of exercising and reviewing a day. Yes, I took it serious. I was focussed and I know how hardworking I was. Because of that, I got the good results.”
The manager then asked: “What is your mum doing to provide food and a place to stay for you during all these year?” He answered: “My mum washes clothes from morning to evening. She gets little money from that, that’s why she has to work long hours.” The manager said: “I want you to wash your mother’s hands this evening. Come back tomorrow.”

The young man went home and at this evening, he was washing his mother’s hands. When he poured water over her hands and started to clean them, he could see by how many scars the hands were scarred. He gently was cleaning her hands, but he could see how painful it was for her because of the deep scars. The hard work throughout all those years made her hands fragilely, being exposed constantly with water and through wringing out the clothes her skin got rough and harsh. On that evening, he decided to finish his mothers work and so he was washing the rest of the clothes.

On the next day he went back to the manager. So he was asked if he did what he was supposed to do and in case yes, what he had learned from that experience. He said: “By washing the hands of my mother, I could see how hard she was working and what burden she was carrying for me in order to make a comprehensive education possible.” The manager answered: “I wanted you to learn this important life lesson.” Right after that, the job was given to this applicant.

received from:
Linda, Kenya

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⇒ No matter how lonely you feel, somewhere someone is
supporting you at this moment.

⇒ You didn’t do everything on your own. Where you are is
because some people were making real sacrifices for you.

⇒ Life is often not just about reaching your own goals but
also supporting others in reaching theirs. Watch out for that.
You even can grow by contributing to others’ needs.

Also interesting: The professor Paul Harvey, University of New Hampshire, advises recruiters to ask the following two questions in job interviews: "Do you think you are basically better than your colleagues and fellow students? If so, why?" Harvey says: "One must be careful with those who answer the first question with yes, but have trouble to say something to the second question."

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